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You ended up on our website, so Texel is at the top of your list of ideal holiday destinations. Check! The fact that you will find beaches from paradise - soft beach sand and powerful waves - we do not really have to mention those feature. But, yes ... we cannot just leave it to those features alone.

Tower of strength

A few more achievements that the islanders are proud of: De Slufter, an area where the sea has free rein. Put your boots on and jump across gullies and creeks. You will gain respect for the water, which leaves its mark with each tide. The sunset, the panoramic view; De Slufter gives you energy. Sometimes one glance is enough, but you can wander around there for hours, while you discover the orchids or the spoonbills flying overhead. Would you like to know what that little purple plant is called? Or why the Slufter estuary continues to ‘wag’? Go on an excursion with Ecomare. There are many stories!

And what do you think about the lighthouse? A stately tower of strength that saw history pass by. From maritime disasters to war scenes; you can write a book about it.* You can still see bullet holes in the wall on the stairwell. The tangible result of heavy fighting during World War II between the German and Georgian prisoners of war. While the rest of the Netherlands was celebrating, they were fighting for life or death. Drop in at the Aviation Museum (airport) as well. In addition to the exhibition, you will find dedicated volunteers, who will tell you everything about those perilous hours in '45.

Loads of time

Behind the Rugediek - as the people from Texel say - a whole new world will open up to you. The polders are stringently divided by human hands. The farmworkers cultivate their crops, from potatoes to carrots, on unflagging island soil. If you should take a turn or cross a little road, then nature is lord and master once again. Time seems to stand still on the tidal flats, in the dunes or De Slufter and De Muy, and that is exactly what makes your holiday on Texel so memorable. No time to think about to-do lists; the weather and your mood determine your daily rhythm.

Go for it!

Have we mentioned yet that the north of Texel is a top destination? You can play golf there, jump out of a plane, ride a horse, sail, go fishing, go on excursions, go bird watching, get on a horse tram, visit a gallery or museum ... and, of course, treat yourself to a Texel beer and good food in a pavilion or restaurant. Have you booked yet?

* Island journalists tell stories of Texel. From a ‘schapenboet' (sheep shed) to a Teso boat and beachcombing finds; the small booklets are fun to read on the beach (or at home). Click here to see the complete series.

Texel, an island full of stories